Airsoft Basics How Does It Work

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Don't let the friendly tagline fool you; Airsoft is an intense, fast-paced, and competitive hobby that offers an exciting game for everyone involved. Whether you're playing in the backyard or joining a pro league, it's full of adrenaline and surprises. While it may seem complicated to the uninitiated, it doesn't have to be. Here's a breakdown of how Airsoft works and all that's involved.

What is Airsoft?

Airsoft is an organized recreational battle game where players use non-lethal plastic balls or pellets as ammunition. These balls are typically smaller than the size of a marble, lighter, and shot from guns by compressed gas, usually CO2 or green gas. Games usually take place on battlefields, or specialized places called airsoft battle fields (ABFs), and usually involve two teams. Certain guns are prohibited, depending on the law.

What Kind of Equipment is Used?

The main weapons used in Airsoft are either AEGs (Automatic Electric Guns) or GBB (Gas Blowback) handguns. AEGs are powered by a motor, and each gun shoots differently depending on the type of ammunition used. GBB handguns are typically used for shorter range shooting, and are powered by CO2 or Green Gas. Eyewear protection is required, in the form of full-seal goggles, a face mask, or balaclava.

How is the Game Played?

Airsoft games are usually team-based and objective-oriented. The most common format is deathmatch, where the objective is to eliminate the other team's players. Other formats include capture the flag, search and destroy, or escorting the VIP. Rules vary greatly depending on the field and the host, so it's important to consult with the referee before each game.

What are Some Safety Tips?

Safety is the number one priority in Airsoft, and as such there are some important safety guidelines to ensure everyone has an enjoyable experience. Never point the gun at someone's face, and keep your fingers off the trigger until your target is in sight. Wear your required safety gear when playing, and be mindful of your position at all times. Never play Airsoft with live ammo, and never shoot at anyone from a shorter distance than 10 feet.

What are the Benefits of Airsoft?

Airsoft has a number of positive benefits that provide both physical and mental advantages. It's a fun way to get exercise, and the active body movements require teamwork and strategy. It's also an excellent way to bond with friends and family, and create a supportive atmosphere. Airsoft also teaches important life skills, such as leadership, problem solving and communication.


With a little guidance and some practice, airsoft can be a thrilling and rewarding hobby. Armed with your knowledge of the basics, you can take your enjoyment of the game to the next level. Have fun, play safe, and remember the essential rules of the game: safety first, always!